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Auto Insurance
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Auto Insurance
Home Insurance
At Strueby Agencies, we offer several levels of Auto Insurance and Business Auto’ Insurance coverage. From basic packages for clients who want simple coverage to ‘extended coverage auto packs’ with additional liability protection and coverage from unusual occurrences such as Fire, Theft, Glass and more. Ask your Insurance specialist to help determine what package policy will best serve your requirements to ensure you are properly covered for any Personal or Business Situation.
Auto Insurance
Home Insurance
Protecting your family, your investment and your way of life is important to you. Your carefully tailored policy should cover you for a variety of potential perils and provide sufficient security to cover not only the replacement value of your home, but also your belongings, living expenses and any unforeseen expenditures during the rebuilding or transition period. At Strueby Agencies Insurance Brokers, we take the time with you to make the home coverage process simple and understandable.
Home Insurance
Do you consider your cottage to be your ‘Home away from Home’ or just a periodic retreat from the bustle of every day life? Depending on your use of the property and whether it is on leased or titled land, this may make a difference to the coverage you require to protect your private sanctuary. Cottage accessories like boats, atv’s and personal watercraft may be better covered under your home policy rather than your cottage coverage. Your Insurance representative will assess your needs and find you the most complete coverage for the best price .
Regardless whether you are a farmer, a rancher or an acreage owner living in town or on the farm, if you participate in any type of farm activity, there are policies to protect your investment that will cover everything from farm structures to equipment. Proper insurance will not only protect your property & equipment but also even protect you from potential losses from downtime. Proper coverage will encompass Dwellings, Farm Structures, Machinery/Tools, Livestock, Feed & Fertilizer, Liability and more.
Cabin Insurance
Depending on the value of your boat, a special marine policy can often save you money. Certain types of vessels are not insurable on your regular home insurance policy and you should be checking with us to ensure that you are covered properly. We work in conjunction with several insurance providers that specialize in marine policies that will cover your jet ski, sea-doo, motor boat, yacht or sailboat. Regardless of the type of watercraft you have, we can find insurance for you.
When you travel for business or for pleasure, the last thing you want on your mind is ‘What would I do if there was a problem’. At Strueby Agencies Insurance Brokers, a small investment will provide peace of mind and effective solutions should a disruption occur. Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage; Baggage and Rental Car Insurance; and Emergency Medical Insurance. We’ll help you customize the right coverage for your Vacation or Business Travels.
Count on our years of experience serving the Trucking Industry. Federal and Provincial Motor Carrier Acts often make it a legal requirement for trucking firms to carry cargo insurance. At Strueby Agencies Insurance Brokers, we have been providing coverage for the trucking industry and it’s cargo for many years. Whether you are carrying perishable loads, grain or livestock, Strueby Agencies Insurance Brokers will make sure you are properly covered with the most reasonable rates available.
Tenant Insurance is designed to protect your personal possessions with full replacement value and protect your landlords investment. Most policies include ‘special limits’ on certain types of property so be sure to ask us about items you have such as boats atv’s etc. We will also make sure you have proper liability coverage in case of third party injury and/or in the event you were held liable for damage to your landlords property.
Boats & Personal Watercraft
Farm/Ranch Insurance
Trucking & Cargo
Tenant Insurance
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Travel Insurance
ATV’s are often insured by adding them to your existing homeowner's insurance policy. They can be covered for physical damage, including theft, and third party liability. Separate policies are available that not only cover damage & theft but also full replacement cost coverage. Snowmobiles... In order to insure your snowmobile for physical damage, theft, and additional liability you must purchase a Sled Insurance Policy or add them to an existing Personal Auto policy.
Atv’s & Sleds
Special Events or Reunions may require extra coverage. Weddings or gatherings may require additional alcohol liability coverage. Discuss your event plan with your insurance representative so we can ensure you are properly covered. Other Events requiring special coverage might be Golf Tournaments including ‘hole in one insurance’ or other sporting events, Block Parties, Reunions or other gatherings . We can help with short term policies to meet your needs.
Special Event Insurance
We understand protecting your personal property and business ventures is very important to you. We also recognize that with the thousands of things you have to think about on a daily basis, taking the time to ensure you are properly covered from an insurance standpoint may feel like a daunting task.
Our promise to you. We promise to be well prepared for your visit and make the process as easy as possible so you can focus on other things and mark this task completed.
Your Insurance specialist can guide you to the best coverage for all aspects of the Oil & Gas Industry from Liability coverage for Tool Pushes, Battery Operators and Water Haulers to Mobile Welders, Consultants & Supervisors even Environmental Impact including first Person Liability. We offer Insurance packages for everything from Directional Drilling to Service Rig Contractors. Contact us today and be certain in the security of knowing you are properly covered for all your insurance requirements.
Home based business insurance is much more than coverage for home party liability. Many Welders, Plumbers, Hotshot and similar ‘service related’ businesses are home based and home office run. Proper coverage for equipment and liability is essential for any home based operation from Cleaning Crews and Home Care Facilities to One person excavation businesses or contractors. From Party Planning to Gift Basket design, your knowledgeable insurance representative will outline all the options that are available to you.
Home Office Businesses
Oilfield Service Insurance
Our varied business insurance packages encompass coverage for your physical assets such as contractors, equipment, computers,machinery, buildings and stock. We also offer coverage for protection for liability and loss of income. Whether you run an externally or home based business, We can research your options and offer better solutions to ensure that out of the myriad of things you have to think about, your Insurance requirements can be checked off your list.
Business Insurance
Commercial General Liability Directors & Officers Liability Mistakes Happen. Every company can make a mistake at some point. For example, your expertise is relied upon and a negative outcome ensues due to your provided advice. A client can become enraged, call their attorney, and look to you for reimbursement. Protecting yourself only makes good sense.
Professional Liability
Personal Property Coverage
Business Coverage & Commercial Liability
Whether you own a Motorhome, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Tent Trailer, Truck Camper or Park Model, we can provide the RV insurance that's right for you. We offer complete coverage packages for both recreational users and/or for people who use their RV for business travel or On-Site work related accommodation. We will also make sure you have proper liability coverage.
Rv’s & Trailers
Trust Your Strueby Agencies Insurance Professional For Knowledgeable Advice. The Most Complete Coverage To Serve Your Specific Requirements.
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